There are variety of hotels that are distinguished by their appearance, luxurious interior design, restaurants and other services. Armenian Royal Palace Hotel is distinguished by the numerous offers.

The complex has beautifully decorated and comfortable rooms, a wine room in Armenian national style, a lobby bar (working 24/7), restaurants, a conference hall, a meeting hall, a cinema with three halls, a bowling hall, a children’s café, an internet café, slot machines and a casino. Armenian Royal Palace Hotel is famous not only for its special offers but also with professional staff and high quality services.

Besides enjoying the city of Yerevan and the special services of our complex, one can organize trips and visit the cultural and historical monuments, churches and monasteries enjoy the beautiful and unique nature of Armenia.

The country is especially notable for tourists because of the warm and friendly hospitality. There are more than 5000 historical monuments, monasteries, churches, ancient fortresses and castles in Armenia