Independent trip to Armenia


Armenia is an ancient country known for its attractions - the most valuable historical and architectural monuments, as well as unique natural landscapes, hospitable and open-hearted people and fruits full of radiant energy of the sun, the best wine and brandy. Armenia attracts the interest of lovers of antiquities, who are ready to plunge into the centuries-old history and see the origins of the arising spiritual culture in the country, which was the first to adopt Christianity in the world as the state religion.

Despite the fact that tourism in Armenia started to develop only recently, the flow of tourists to our country is increasing every year. Year by year more foreign tourists prefer to stay in Armenia than to travel to other Middle Eastern countries, as our country is recognized as one of the safest countries for tourists. For those who want to make an independent trip to Armenia by car should know that the most favorable time will be late spring or early autumn, since traveling by car in summer will be less comfortable because of the heat.


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A trip to Armenia by car

Those who have decided to organize an independent trip to Armenia by car, should consider that they can enter the country through Georgia and Iran. For traveling within the country by car you can use the services of a guide, or try to orient yourself using pointers.

Since Armenia is quite a small country, you can drive from north to south and from east to west in 2-3 days. When traveling by car, you will be able to admire the extraordinary beauty of the Armenian nature, the pure water of the mountain blue-eyed Sevan lake, grandeur and white snow caps of the biblical Mount Ararat, the harmony and tranquility of ancient Armenian monasteries and churches, to ride on the world's longest ropeway "Wings of Tatev", as well as to try mineral spring healing water of Jermuk resort town.

Independent trip to Armenia

Practically all highway cafes and snack bars in Armenia feature Wi-Fi, you can eat and fill the car on the way.

Foreigners' independent visit to Armenia

Citizens from Spain, Italy, Greece, the USA, Great Britain, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Finland and other 46 countries who don't need visa to enter Armenia should have a passport, declaration of foreign currency import, and if you have children with you, you need to present their passports, as well as driving license and certificate of vehicle registration. The maximum period of stay in Armenia is 180 days. When entering Armenia you should get a car insurance at Georgian borders.

How much is petrol?

Many tourists, who travel independently in Armenia, are primarily interested in petrol prices. Petrol price in Armenia is relatively high, in comparison with some countries of the South Caucasus. In most cases, you should have to pay in cash for petrol outside Yerevan. A liter of petrol costs about $0.84 or 350-400 AMD.

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