Planning a trip to Armenia in 2019


Travelling to Armenia will give every tourist incredible beautiful moments and unforgettable memories. This is an amazing country with its thousands of years of history, picturesque nature and unique people living here. If you are interested in ancient culture, attractive nature and if you are looking for adventures, then your main tourist destination in 2019 should be Armenia.

Here there are all the conditions for complete relaxation, such as wonderful sights, places for entertainment, high-class hotels, delicious and quality food and very hospitable people. Once you visit Armenia, you will be fascinated by this small but diverse country forever. In every season of the year, each place in Armenia is beautiful in its own way. If you plan to visit Armenia in 2019, then depending on your preferences, choose the appropriate season. Here, the tourist season has no beginning and end, because all seasons of the year are interesting and spectacular.


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Best tourism destinations in Armenia

Tourist destinations in Armenia are many. The possibility to choose leisure and travel options is wide for every tourist: all tourist destinations are developed. When you visit Armenia, at first you arrive at Zvartnots Airport, from where your fascinating journey starts. If you are interested in ancient culture, do not forget to visit Zvartnots temple built in the 7th century, the ruins of which are now preserved and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Being in the capital Yerevan, you can see many beautiful "open-air monuments", visit museums and interesting places of entertainment. Besides Yerevan, you can enjoy pleasant and unique moments in the regions of Armenia. It is highly recommended to visit the pagan temple of Garni and then go down to the gorge to see the Symphony of Stones. Monastery of Geghard, which is located not far from Garni, is also a must-visit place.

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If you are interested in christian culture, it is very important to visit the spiritual center of Armenia - Echmiadzin and be in all churches and nearby museums. Then do not miss to visit Khor Virap monastery.

And if you like nature scenes, adventure and active leisure, lake Sevan, Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan, Jermuk, Areni, Tatev will surprise you with their incredible and spectacular sights. And, of course, you should surely visit Artsakh to enjoy and experience another part of Armenian nature and culture.

Budget planning

Armenia is fairly a cheap country for tourists. There is no need for large amounts of money for a 7-10-day visit. Food and transportation are very affordable here. Here you can enjoy a good and tasty meal with 5-10 USD (of course, this is not for top-rated restaurants). Tourist in Armenia will spend 15-25 dollars per day on average, including food. And hotels can be found at different prices, depending on the requirements.

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Choose accommodation type

The selection of hotels in Armenia is very wide. Depending on your budget, you can choose a 5-star high-class hotel in the city centre, where outstanding services are available. Or choose the other affordable options with decent conditions, and, of course, again with high level services.

Prices for hotels in Armenia for a single room start from 15-20 dollars and reach up to 100 dollars per day depending on the low / high season.

Armenian Royal Palace Hotel is a great combination in this regard. The price and excellent qualitative offers are attractive and harmonious for tourists.

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