Holidays in Armenia


Lovers of traveling want to spend their holidays in a fun, exciting and memorable way. And if you crave new experiences, discoveries and experience at very affordable prices, then you should certainly visit Armenia.

Our ancient country will amaze you with its openness, hospitality and generosity. It is almost perfectly suitable for summer vacation in the most intense, interesting and relatively cheap way.

Armenia is known for its amazing natural and cultural-historic attractions. Here you will be able to enrich your knowledge of history and geography of ancient world. The country, which was the first in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion, is with a countless number of unique history monuments of pre-Christian era, Christian sacred places and stunning natural landscapes. One of the main symbols of Armenia is the sacred biblical mount Ararat, which is a silent witness to the difficult destiny of the Armenian people.

Armenia is rich with cultural-historic attractions that can be found at almost every turn, and that will let you come into contact with the ancient history of this land. It is also a modern country which has all possibilities for outdoor activities, all kinds of excursions, hikes. And everyone who wants to spend their summer holidays in Armenia, will find entertainment here in accordance with interests and preferences.

In summer you will be able to disclose all the beauties of Armenia, enjoy the taste and smell of southern ripe fruits and vegetables, taste traditional Armenian dishes, take part in wine or the famous Armenian brandy tastings in the picturesque village of Areni. In summer, you can also bath in the purest alpine lake Sevan or play volleyball on the beach. Not far from Lake Sevan, in the ski resort town, you can ride on a cable car and admire the beauties of the nature.

In the capital of Armenia Yerevan, you can visit the historical complex of Erebuni, the Republic Square with its singing fountains, a multistage cascade, Matenadaran, which stores about 17,000 manuscripts, as well as admire the Opera and Ballet Theatre and Swan Lake just in front of it. Besides, here you can find many museums, cinemas and other cultural institutions. The quiet secluded parks and gardens are perfect place to hide from the heat in the afternoon, you can drink the purest mountain water from the drinking fountains, located on almost every street of Yerevan.

And in the evenings you can walk the streets of Yerevan, where there is an infinite number of various cafes, pubs and jazz clubs, where you can relax, enjoy great music and have a good time.

Summer holidays in Armenia will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life - adventure that you will want to repeat. 

Our hotel has all the necessary transport resources and professional skills to organize your stay in Yerevan, as well as any excursion or tour both in Yerevan, and outside of Yerevan to any sight of Armenia. Due to our comfortable minibuses and skilled guides your tours and excursions become unforgettable.

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